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September 09, 2005



The race obsessives are creating their own Jenin. And when the numbers are ascertained, and we see that Katrina was undiscriminating in her lethality, the story these guys tell will still be "true". They've invested in it now; it validates their grievance, and justifies their resentment.


To equate the fat, idle "poor" of New Orleans with the poor of any third world nation demonstrates a complete lack understanding of the actual conditions in those same third world nations. This is beyond obscene.


Until someone with integrity in the eyes of the public steps up and calls the race hustlers on their game. They will continue to exploit situations like this in order to perpetuate within the black community. The illusion of their relevance and importance as a leader of the community.

How long has Jesse Jackson been supposedly working to improve the lives of black folks? 30 - 40 years? If you listen to him, blacks are only marginally better off now than they were 40 years ago. Which leads me to wonder - Why, if Jesse's been on the job for all those years. And black folks are essentially just as screwed now as then..
After proving to be a complete failure when it came to improving the lives of blacks during his tenure as chief advocate and activist. How is it Jesse still has a job or garners any respect within that community?
I'll tell ya how... See one day Jesse realized that to succeed at what he was originally doing meant being out of a job. Who'd need anybody to work towards blacks being treated equal to everyone else - if they were?
So, smart man that he is, he devised away to always be relevant and needed.
The key to permanent employment lay in convincing blacks that they hadn’t moved light years away from the conditions common to the 50's and 60's. But that they were being perpetually victimized. And that racism was still everywhere and in all whites. No longer could it just be identified when some idiot dropped the 'N' word. Now simply saying "you people" or even using a word that wasn’t racist but sounded close enough to be - (like the word "niggardly". Dutch in origin, meaning thrifty, good with money) - all were indicative of rampant, institutionalized racism.
Thus Jesse was able to create the illusion of perpetual victimization. Augmented further by the fact that in order to accept that certain words were indeed racist, one had to be fairly illiterate.
Complicating ones job prospects - which itself becomes more proof for the race hustlers that they're needed as advocates to do battle with the man and his racist policies.

Quite the racket ol Jesse has. Complete with operations that shake down corporations under the threat of boycotts and mob action.

The mafia did this shit and did or is doing time. Jesse does it and gets a speaking spot at the dems presidential conventions...

What a world.

Ronald Rutherford

From my experience, I can agree that many (not all) have rose colored glasses that percieve discrimination when the problem was just "shit happens". As a retail manager of a large chain working in Inglewood, CA I would on occasion have a customer say that another store was racist and was treated badly. One occasion the lady said that the salesman had repackaged her printer because she was black. The sales staff are paid commision and as such are always looking for the best boxes and do not discriminate because it will hurt their paycheck. I also knew that printer had a large number of returns.
Another time I called in an order to the local southern cooking black owned restaurant (the owner knew my name) and when I got there he said they ran out of catfish and had to wait to have something else cooked. In the meantime all the other customers (I felt) were staring at me, being the only person of lighter persuasion there. Was this racist? Or just I had the luck of the draw and was shit on?


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