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January 20, 2005



In excerpts from an interview with Pres. Bush published in the Washington Times 1/2/05 the President says: "If you want a glimpse of how I think about foreign policy read Natan Sharansky's book 'The case for Democracy' will help explain a lot of the decisions that you'll see being made...." There is more, sorry I don't know how to link the article, but I found the link on Real Clear Politics.


Sorry, the date of the article is 1/12/05.


Could it be that the dissidents in this country(you know who you are)just don't recognize the President as truly one of their own.


Just met you via Instapundit. When I heard about the Bush Speech two words came to my mind: Natan Sharansky. Great job clarifying the connection to the blogosphere. Long live great men like Natan Sharansky. Long live freedom! Thank God for Ronald Reagan and hopefully GWB.

A St. Louis Blog Reader


Is it any wonder the Left refuse to acknowledge God in any way and strive so ardently to remove any trace of His existence? They cannot do otherwise since they do not possess the aforementioned moral clarity needed to recognize evil or see it's true nature in the world today or even in themselves. Alas, it is the true nature of evil itself to attack good; the dark hates the light.


My wife and I just finished reading Sharansky's book, The Case For Democracy. We often read to each other and our reading was completed on the day that the people of Iraq embrased democracy.What a thrill to see Sharansky's words come to life before our eyes as the reporters in Iraq recounted this historic day. Sharansky is right...we only pray that Geo. Bush continues to strive for freedom in the Middle East.

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