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February 07, 2004


Michael B

Hmm... Could this be a case of "birds of a feather," or "it takes one to know one"?

Missed this particular piece of blithely intoned dudgeon and guilt by association when I posted last. Me thinks you doth protest (and insist) far too much. It is in fact repeated insistencies and similar acts of odd over-reaching that often do typify claims of accusers who cannot marshall more substantive evidence. Or similarly, as for instance Yourish has done, carefully culling the witnesses she would offer for the prosecution, or serving up an authority (academic) in a manner that purports to represent the "final word" on the matter - dissenters and questioners be damned.

My own heroes vis-a-vis the holocaust and the German resistance are people like Wallenberg, Bonhoeffer and several others. Am firmly in the holocaust-affirming camp, though am beginning to wonder what forms of scrutiny and subsequent accusations might await me at some point in the not so distant future due to a misplaced word or uncarefully chosen phrase.

Paul Davies

Michael B,
Thanks for your words of partial support. Although you make the holocaust sound like a religion with the comment:
"Am firmly in the holocaust-affirming camp"

However maybe you are right, holocaust revisionism is the great heresy of the modern age.

Try this revisionist video as an introduction, you can watch it on line or down load it.

Best regards,


Thx! :)

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