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September 29, 2003



Hey, I like comfortable shoes, and I'm not an idiotarian!


A really fascinating, wonderful read. You've got a way with words. Also, the colors on this page are warm and beautiful. Well done, sir.



Thanks! No need to call me sir, though. Heh.

jason stewart

I have always felt the big crime of the Clintoons was the poor quality of leaders they chose for cabinet positions. Albright is one of those that always struck me as being significantly less able than her predecessors. The story of your encounter with her confirms my observation. sigh...


Great article. Now I know why Mark Helprin called Albright "a rubber duck in a straw hat."

Unlike SallyVee, I am not comforted by your blog's North Korean Army color scheme.



Actually, the color scheme was inspired (You call that inspired? -- Ed.) by my undergraduate alma mater, Florida State Univ.


"We tried, we really tried." Self absorbed bastard. "So a few thousand people have died because of my stupidity. My motives were pure, and that's all that matters." Self-absorbed bastard.

Jabba the Nutt

Hey, I like comfortable shoes and I AM a lesbian, trapped in a male body. I also would make a very ugly woman, though not as butch as Janet Reno. I'd fit right in with this crowd. :^0


Sorry we didn't see this before. As folks who had to work for her, we have a slightly stronger reaction to Mad Madeleine.

See The Diplomad October 12 posting ( including our photo "spread."


I think that our and Albright's actions in the Kosovo were deplorable. At Rambouillet, we gave Milosevic an ultimatum which would have required him to open up his entire country to NATO forces. He countered with a offer to open up Kosovo to NATO forces. We said no, bombed for weeks and finally accepted what was already on the table at Rambouillet. And then we let the Albanians ethnically cleanse most of the non-Albanians from Kosovo while destroying their Orthodox churchs, many of which dated from the Middle Ages. Milosvic may be a ex-Commie thug but the KLA are no better; they each have heavily bloodstained hands. Remember that Milosevic came to power because of abuses of the Serb minority in Kosovo by the Albanians, who had political control at the time. The situation in Kosovo was a terrorist war between the KLA and the Serbian military. The vast number of refugees did not leave their homes until the bombing started. Before the war we spoke of 100s of thousands victims; after the war we find a few thousand in mass graves, many of whom were victims of our bombing or of clashes between the Serbs and the KLA. I think that we too readily accepted the MSM view of the war. That alone should give us pause and have us investigate further.

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